Avengers vs Justice League

Though under sad circumstances, these news are somewhat exciting, as Joss Whedon is responsible for the success of The Avengers and can bring some of his experience to the DC project and maybe yes, save this cinematic universe from the mediocrity it’s been sinking in. Also, it’s nice to see the cooperation between rival universes during […]

Source: Mark Millar On “Four,” “Ultron,” “Kingsman” | News | Dark Horizons   Too many shots are being taken these days at Marvel and the MCU. After Zack Snyder, the latest bafoon to do so is Mark Millar, a man who needs no introduction. Actually he does, because he’s not that famous, but wants to […]

Sebastian Stan is the latest hero of Marvel fans to respond to Zack Snyder’s offensive remarks regarding the MCU. In an interview to Collider Sebastian talked about his part in the upcoming Captain America: Civil War and addressed the DC trouble-making director: I’m sitting here and I’m listening to you and I’m thinking, “Do I want […]

We all know there is a rivalry between DC and Marvel, mainly in box office. But now Zack Snyder decided to take it to a completely new, low level. The director, whose short resume includes mostly mediocre but high-grossing movies, and is now directing the upcoming Batman vs. Superman, claims in an interview with The Daily […]